London Summer Ball Photos

Okay, so, it’s time to plan your Summer Ball.

At Peasy Photos we understand how stressful planning this kind of event is and we’d love to be involved with your celebration.

Peasy Photos offers the best ball photo services in South London and all over the county.

The choice of ball photographer has never been simpler

Photos start at £4.49 when prepaid, we’ll take a ton of photos and you can choose them through our website. The photography is always with a friendly attitude – we promise to get you photography you love. In fact, if you don’t love the photos, you don’t have to pay a thing!

Get in touch to discuss your booking now and learn how you can get the best photos ever.

– If you would like to learn more regarding the services our photographers can offer, please visit this page about our summer ball photos .

email us to find out more.

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