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10. The Checklist

What follows is a comprehensive checklist of things you should have booked & sorted before the ball. Depending on what options you’ve chosen (Theming, food etc.) not all of these items may be appropriate, or there may be additional items to check.


  1. The Venue (check security, opening times, closing times, food, table settings, theming etc.)
  2. Additional items for the venue (ie. if you’re bringing your own wine, table decorations, prizes, music etc.)
  3. The Tickets (check they’re printed, distributed, not oversold)
  4. Entertainment at the venue (DJ, band, photographers etc. when all are arriving, leaving, performing, if they require food etc.)
  5. Transport to and from the venue
  6. Risk assessments (if required)

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This completely FREE resource is provided by the lovely ball photographers at Peasy Photos.

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