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7. The Entertainment

Going to a ball is all about having fun! There should be plenty of things for your guests to do, things to get them smiling and chatting and make the ticket price worthwhile.


Clearly you’ll want to provide some sort musical accompaniment to your evening – the theme and your finances will be key to what you choose but there should be plenty of options no matter what your budget or what theme you’ve chosen. It’s usual to have a DJ, at least one band and possibly a quartet at a ball so these are broken down below.

Classical Music

Many organisers choose to have a string quartet or small jazz ensemble playing while your guests arrive, this can work particularly well if you’ve chosen to have a champagne reception. Ask the music society at your university or in your town if they’re available for performances.


Once your evening gets underway and guests start to be seated for dinner you might want to consider switching to the DJ. There’s no need for them to play particularly energetic or engaging music – in fact it’s probably better if they don’t. You could ask them to play current chart music or chillout tunes just as some background music. Once the meal is over the DJ can come into their own and start playing something that your guests can dance to. You should ensure that your DJ is friendly and personable and try and talk to them on the phone if possible. Check their music collection tallies with the tastes of the audience and that they’ll take requests and remember to let them know in advance if you’ve chosen an unusual theme that may warrant some special or world music.


There are plenty of options for live music available in most towns and cities. You should have a good selection of student bands, tribute bands, singers and aucoustic musicians to choose from. Don’t rush to make a decision base on your own personal tastes though; not everyone likes every kind of music so you should book bands appropriate to the majority of your guests. Don’t feel too constrained though, you’d be surprised at how well a 30 piece Brass band playing cover versions of current and past top40 hits goes down. Remember, once people are actually in the party mood & start dancing they’ll forget that they’re not really into Indie/rap/dance/rock/jazz music and just enjoy themselves. Be bold!

It’s likely that the DJ and band will take it in turns doing 30-45 minute sets throughout the evening once the meal is over.

Light Shows

Some DJs will provide a light show along with the sound system. These can get expensive really quickly as they require a lot of staff to set up and operate, but look absolutely spectacular.


With all the effort put into looking good by your guests, it’s worth booking a photographer for your ball to capture just how wonderful everyone looks. A good photographer will be able to get people to laugh and smile, handle large groups of merry (drunk) people well, and provide the type of photos that you actually want. Modern ball photography is now so much a part of a Ball that it’s often the only entertainment required.

Things to look out for:

  • Do they charge and attendance fee?
  • Are they able to provide a portable studio at your Ball?
  • Can they take full photos including your whole outfit (particularly important for girls who have spent a lot of money on their dress!), or just half-length photos?
  • Do they take a good selection of photos of each group or only a handful?
  • Do they offer digital files at a reasonable price or are you stuck with old-fashioned prints only?
  • If you require special coverage of awards ceremonies, catwalks, performers or other non-standard things, are they able to provide this?
  • How expensive are the photos?
  • Can photos be purchased online after the event?
  • Do they serve your area of the country?
  • Check their website or ask to see photos from previous events so you can get a feel for the style of photographs you’re likely to get

The photographers at Peasy Photos provide all of these services at the lowest prices in the country and are available for booking throughout England and Wales. Visit the main website HERE.

Other Entertainment

To make your event really stand out and stick in the memories of those who attend the things you should focus on are the theme and the ancillary entertainment.

Close-up magicians

When you hear the word “magician” you needn’t think of the poor overwhelmed guy that played at your birthday party, instead think of someone classy, attired in a suit and performing amazing sleight-of-hand, card and rope tricks that will dazzle and stun even the most sceptical of your guests.

Candyfloss machines

No matter what the actual age of your guests, everyone turns into a kid with the offer of free candyfloss. The same goes for chocolate fondue!

Ice sculptures

There are a wide variety of ice sculptures available so it should be easy to choose something to suit your theme if you decide to go for one. The sculptures are often pre-made and frozen and should include delivery to your event and possibly an attendant if you’re using them as vodka luges etc.

Characature artists

Comedy Acts

Mime artists

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