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About This Guide

The 10 sections of this guide are all accessible from the left navigation bar. Here is a quick introduction to the topics covered in each section.

1. The Team

The most important factor in making your Ball go well and the organisation go smoothly is a diligent team that can work well together. This section will help you decide who you need and what roles to allocate.

2. The Theme

Want to make your event distinctive and memorable? You’ll need a strong theme perfectly executed.

3. The Money

Budgeting is never easy, especially when you’ve no idea how much anything costs. This section will give you the low-down on what to pay, what to charge and how to manage your finances.

4. The Venue

What to consider, how to choose and how to ensure you get the best deal for your money

5. The Food

A quick guide to the menu and how to cater to everyone’s needs

6. The Entertainment

Entertainment can make or break your ball. Get it right and nobody will ever forget the wonderful night…get it wrong and nobody will let you forget.

7. The Guests

Not sure who to invite or how to invite them? This is the ideal guide for you.

8. The Tickets

Everything from what to include to how to promote your event for maximum ticket sales.

9. The Night

Learn more in more detail about the night itself – schedule of events, how to make sure everything goes to plan and more!

10. The Checklist

A quick but concise checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

The Forum

Whether you still feel lost and want to learn more, or you know all there is to know and want to help people out, the forum is the place for you.

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This guide is provided by the lovely ball photographers at Peasy Photos.

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