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Ball Photos

University balls are a fantastic way to party in style with your coursemates and here at Peasy Photos we love celebrating, that’s why when you choose us to provide ball photographs you get years of experience and the latest digital technology to ensure that we can capture just how fantastic you look.

We’re comfortable covering both small intimate balls and large multi-departmental events with many thousands of guests, or anything in-between!

Ball Photography starts at £4.24 Based on 9×6″ unmounted photos with a 15% discount for pre-pay photos with 300+ photo price break Click here for a full pricelist

Care and Attention

At Peasy Photos we specialise in ball photography for students. It’s not so long since we were students ourselves and we know how much we loved a bargain, so we keep our prices low, our quality high and we work hard.

Photographs are taken in our portable studio using the same digital cameras and studio equipment used in fashion and beauty shoots the world over, so you can be assured you’ll look as stunning in print as you do in person. You’ll get a large selection of ball photos to choose from, and as many reshoots as you want, making sure you get the perfect shot. Because there’s no pressure to decide and absolutely no obligation to buy, we promise that you’ll only ever pay for photographs that you want to keep.

We know you don’t want to waste your evening queuing for ball photographs so we ensure that you won’t have to wait more than 15 minutes for a studio session and a chance to get a picture you’ll love.

3 services in 1!

Our skilled photographers are great at getting the best photos of you and your guests, whether that is formal portraits showing off your outfit and suitable for parental viewing, fun studio style shots where things get a bit more creative, or photobooth style photos with you all in close using a range of props. Why settle for just one when you get all 3 with Peasy Photos?

Ball Photos You Want, The Way You Want

Because balls can be unpredictable and you don’t want to be babysitting your photos all night we make them available to choose online. We’ve been photographing balls & proms since 2003 and in that time a lot of things have changed – from 2006-2012 we offered a print on the night service but we’ve found in the last two years that prints simply aren’t what most people want any more – they want high quality digital files for sharing online and are now much more likely to view photos on an iPad than hang them on the wall.

There are so many advantages to working this way and every single organiser who has booked this service has loved the results, so we’re sure you will too!

  • Guests don’t need to spend time queuing for a computer so they can view photos on the night
  • We have more time to spend actually taking photos, giving your guests a far larger selection to choose from (we typically used to take 400-500 photos at print on the night event, now we take 1500-1800 photos with our new style service)
  • People don’t need to worry about making decisions on the night or spending taxi money on photos
  • People don’t need to worry about damaging or losing their photos on the way home
  • We can offer a far wider product selection online – of all the products, most people (82%) choose digital files, so a print on the night service is completely pointless for them anyway!
  • People can choose photos from the comfort of their own home in their own time, without having to make difficult decisions when they should be enjoying themselves

Simply Photos

With our standard ball package you don’t pay to have photos taken. You’ve got the freedom to have as many photographs taken as you like and you’ll only pay for the photographs you want to keep as prints or digital files. For full pricing, see our pricelist.

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What People Say…

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing the photography at the Volunteering Ball last night (…) I’m sure I will recommend Peasy Photos to anyone else running an event requiring a photographer”

Joanna, The University of Birmingham

“Thanks for the photos, they look great and I think everyone is really pleased”

Jess, UEA

“Thank you again for the photos, everybody loved them, you exceeded all expectations”

Tom, Cardiff University